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Certificate Saga: Group Calls on Tinubu To Shame Detractors



United Global Resolve for Peace (UGRFP), a civil society organisation, has urged President Bola Tinubu to address the controversy surrounding his degree from Chicago State University and call out his critics.

In a statement released on Sunday, Mr. Shalom Olaseni, Chairman of UGRFP, stated that as a concerned organisation, they have been keeping an eye on the entire situation involving Tinubu’s certificate of authenticity.

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Olaseni claimed that both domestically and internationally, the matter had garnered a great deal of media interest.

According to him, “Now is the appropriate time for the President to provide every proof that his certificate was genuinely acquired.”

Olaseni said that Nigeria’s democracy would be dragged in the mud if the controversy was not resolved.

In this regard, we call upon President Tinubu to forthrightly present his side of the matter.

“The President, as a custodian of our national leadership, owes it to the Nigerian people to provide irrefutable evidence that validates the authenticity of his educational qualifications.

“Transparency is not a mere expectation, it is an imperative for the sustenance of trust and confidence in our leadership.

“The implications of allowing this controversy to persist without resolution will extend beyond the realm of political intrigue and into the very core of our democratic principles,’’ Olaseni said.

The UGRFP chairman claims that by ignoring serious allegations, the president runs the risk of implying that integrity and accountability can be compromised without repercussions.

Olaseni further said that allowing such allegations to slide would project the image of the country in the negative light.

“As Nigeria seeks to play an increasingly prominent role on the international stage, it is paramount that our leaders demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and accountability,’’ Olaseni added.

However, he urged the National Assembly to seriously consider the matter, noting that justice, the country’s adherence to the rule of law, and openness would all be ensured by a full and impartial investigation completed within a certain amount of time.

The chairman also issued a warning to individuals who were taking advantage of the situation, particularly on social media.

In his view, caution is wise in the face of half-truths and hazy tales and etiquette is lucrative to direct.


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