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Court Adjourns Meiran Police’s Teenage Victim, Mubarak’s Case Till April



* By the next adjournment, Mubarak’s body would be one year and five months in the morgue.

A High Court in Lagos State has adjourned the case involving the killing of a 14year old boy, Mubarak Sanyaolu during a protest against extortion by policemen at Command bus stop, Meiran in Lagos State.

Mubarak was killed on 4th of November, 2021 allegedly by police stray bullet, during a sporadic gun shooting by policemen attacked to the Meiran Command to disperse tricycle operators who were seeking justice for their colleague that had been stabbed to death earlier that morning over N100 bribe argument.

Mubarak, a Vulcanizer apprentice and secondary school student was on his way home as he took cover during the crisis when the observing crowd noticed that he went down and became unconscious.

He was immediately surrounded by volunteers who wanted to help, but he had given up the ghost. Eye witnesses confirmed that his intestines had been ripped by gun bullet which pierced from the back.

Mubarak’s body has spent one year and three months in the morgue and still there even as the matter is in court.


His poor parents have been abandoned by Police and the Government, who still struggle through the agony of the tragic loss of their son and awareness of his body still lying in the morgue.

The case is adjourned till 12th April, 2023 by Justice Atinuke Oluyemi, as respondents in the suit are yet to reply. By the next adjournment, Mubarak’s body would be one year and five months in the morgue.

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