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Defend Lagos From ‘Intruders’ — Group Urges Lagosians



A pressure group, “Yoruba Commitment Leaders” has called on indigenes of Lagos to unite and defend the former nation’s capital, from what it termed as “intruders”.

The group issued a warning to anyone or group of people who may be considering changing the demographics in Yoruba land, particularly Lagos, to put those ideas to rest.

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The group’s head, Michael Adesanya, urged the youths in Lagos to come up to defend and maintain their legacy, which is Lagos, during a news conference in Sagamu, Ogun State.

The address tagged, “Stop The Expensive Joke Going on in Lagos”, read, “Our attention has been drawn to the dangerous permutations going on in Lagos like it is done in a lottery house and we, as leaders of various Yoruba Nation Agitation groups under the aegis of “Yoruba Commitment Leaders”, have come to the conclusion that, we must add our voice to sound a note of warnings to anyone or group of people who may be toying with the idea of changing our demography in Yoruba land, including Lagos, to forget the suicidal thoughts once and for all”.

“We are not about politics, and we do not seek to interfere in the political processes, but we are part and parcel of the native defenders of Yoruba (Nation’s) territorial integrity, which must not be impugned upon or threatened in any way”.

“Yoruba nation will not allow any discontent tribe in Nigeria or Africa to try such on our soil, never”, Adesanya added.

“We are the world-acclaimed most tolerant, understanding and hospitable race on earth”.

Our cosmopolitan and urbane nature must not be mistaken for any kind of ignorance. The Yoruba people around the world would respond negatively if you think or act in a way that is contrary to the above.

Adesanya used the chance to congratulate Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the president-elect, on his victory.

“First, we congratulate the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on his election as the President of Nigeria.

“We, Yoruba, are proud of you just like other tribes who voted for you in Nigeria”.

Adesanya urged the sons and daughters of all States in Yorubaland to cast a large number of votes for native candidates in the rescheduled gubernatorial and State Assembly elections so they can serve, protect, and advance the cultural legacy of the Yoruba people as a whole.

“To the elders in Lagos and the entire Yoruba land, please teach your children our rich history, heritage; in particular our language. Let them imbibe our culture and go out to vote in defense of Yorubaland any time, any day and anywhere”.


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