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‘DJ YK Mule’: Many refuse to believe MFM Pastor Olukoya’s testimony of getting a bullet proof Limousine after miracle on a headless baby in the womb



General overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry (MFM) Dr. DK Olukoya trended on social media after video of his testimony surfaced where he announced receiving gift of a bullet proof limousine from a diplomat over miracle on the headless baby in his wife’s womb.

According to the miracle preacher, he had prayed for a pregnant woman who was told during a scan that the baby in her womb had no head. The hospital told the woman that the baby would have to be evacuated through a surgery. The woman informed her husband who reached out to the clergy. After praying, he asked the couple to return to the hospital for another test, which later showed the baby now has a head.

The woman’s husband is a diplomat according to DK Olukoya, and had sent the limousine in appreciation.

Olukoya also took the moment to advertise the luxury vehicle, as he announced at once that he is looking for a buyer.

But many social media users would not believe the story. In comments monitored by Objectv Media, several commenters including bloggers began to make memes to discredit the testimony as an untruth. While some believed it could be scanning error if true, others believed the story was totally made up by the miracle preacher.

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