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Dogo: Celestial Church Shares Documents, Receipts of How Body Was Taken to Hospital & Mortuary Amidst Reactions to Death (Screenshots)



Two members of the Overcomers’ Parish of the Celestial Church of Christ, Iranla area of Ajah, Lagos State were present to witness the autopsy process as body of Amos Johnson (a.k.a. Dogo) was presented for pathology test at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) on Thursday.

They shared exclusively with Objectv Media, the receipts of transaction at the Safeway hospital which they said was in respect of the two patients they took to the hospital at the wee hours of 2nd June the incident happened.

They also shared a medical report by the hospital which declared Dogo as ‘brought-in-dead’.

The hospital report on Dogo stated primary cause of his death as ‘unknown’ and the secondary cause, a ‘drowning accident’.

The report recommended an autopsy to establish the main cause of death

The two parish members told Objectv Media that they were directly involved in moving Dogo from the church to the hospital, Mortuary, Police Station and then back ti the church.

They also shared receipt of transaction made as deposit for the mortuary, but the body was not accepted due to absence of any family member among the body depositors, nor a police report to authorize embalming of a body by non-members of the deceased’s family.

“That was why we went back to the police station to seek a police report, while also sourcing for phone numbers of Dogo’s families or relatives”, one of them said as they narrated.

According to the church members, they sent someone to Dogo’s house to invite any of his family members to be present for mortuary to accept the body, but no family member was available within. The two said they had to split themselves afterwards; one waiting for the DCO who wasn’t a available at the police station at the time he was needed to visit the scene and make a report, while the other returned Dogo’s body to the church to await a family member to show up for accompaniment to the mortuary.

“That was how we took the body back from mortuary to the church because they won’t accept him without a member of his family or a police report, none of which we could get at that time”, they said.

By when the Police DCO would arrive at the scene of incidence with the church member who waited to bring him from the Police Station to the church, it was already dawn and they met a waiting crowd who had learned of the incidence through the calls made to Dogo’s family contacts.

“We had to escape as the growing mob became impatient and started attacking the church building”, they said.

“I was the last to scale the fence”, one of them said. He said they never broke the church back fence as they had no luxury of time to do such in the face of a raging mob.

“We all jumped, including the women. It must have been the mob that did the breaking after they saw that we had all escaped for dear lives through the back fence”, he furthered.

An autopsy was initiated and both parties were present on Thursday. Dogo’s brother was present for the deceased while two members of the church were present for the church. Dogo’s family however came with an independent pathologist with the help of sympathizers as they wanted to be sure about the autopsy outcome. The church representatives said they felt so compassionate for the family as Dogo was already like a family to them at the church.

Details of the autopsy is yet to be released, but major discoveries were made in the course of the pathology test on Thursday.

A medical source privy to the session said samples were taken for further histology, after which a conclusion would be arrived as to the primary cause of death.

Attached below are the screenshots of the receipts shared exclusively to Objectv Media by the church to back their account of efforts made in course of the incidence:

Brought-in-dead report by Safeway hospital

Hospital receipt of payment for Dogo

Bank e-receipt of payment for two the patients

Bank e-receipt for advance payment to embalm body at mortuary

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