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Doyin Okupe Lists Problems With Nigeria’s Democracy



Doyin Okupe, a former presidential spokesperson , has used social media to expose the issues with Nigeria’s democracy.

No amount of activism or change mantras, according to Okupe’s Monday afternoon tweet, will alter Nigerian politics unless the country’s democratic issues are resolved.

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Okupe titled the article “The Issues With Nigeria’s Democracy” and named seven “demons” that had to be defeated in order for progress to be made.

He wrote, ” The Problems With Nigeria’s Democracy; 1. Pervasive corruption. 2. Illiteracy. 3. Crippling poverty. 4. Massive youth unemployment 5. Lack of respect for Rule of Law. 6. Malleability of the Judiciary. 7. The absence of the fear of God.

“No amount of ‘change mantras’ in our politics, or activism of the Youth will change the status quo. We must find a way to deal with the above 7 demons and collectively pray and ask God to change our hearts towards righteousness & godliness.

“Else, we go round this unprogressive cycles endlessly.”

Prior to resigning in December 2022, Okupe served as the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council’s most recent Director-General.

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