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Fuel Hike: Counter-Protesters Express Solidarity, Says Tinubu Took Best Decision By Removing Fuel Subsidy



Protesters in favour of the gasoline removal on Thursday, generate some commotion at the Mopol gate, the primary entry to the National Assembly.

The demonstrators stated that they chose to take to the streets to support President Bola Tinubu in his stand against the elimination of fuel subsidies.

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The removal of the “canker worm” that has ravaged the economy, in the opinion of the demonstrators, was the proper move by the President.

The President had during his inaugural speech on May 29, declared that there would no longer be a petroleum subsidy regime as the current 2023 budget he glimpsed does not contain it.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited and other oil marketers increased the price of gasoline on Tuesday from approximately N537 per litre to N617–N630 per litre.

Concerns have been expressed about this development across the nation so far.

Sunday Attah, the convener of Stand Up Nigeria, responded to the petrol price increase by saying that the Tinubu-led administration had made the right decision and should be supported in achieving democracy’s benefits.

According to him, “There were mixed emotions when President Bola Ahmed Tinubu announced on May 29, 2023, that the fuel subsidy had been eliminated.

“While some have praised it as appropriate and opportune, others have expressed concern that it may put the populace through more hardship.

“You may recall that the President based the policy’s inability to be sustained on the fact that the 2023 budget did not include any funding for subsidy payments.

“Aside from that, the nation was badly suffering from several leakages brought on by high-level corruption, most notably the claims on subsidy payments to numerous enterprises.

“After seeing the initial response to the policy, the ensuing panic buying, and other effects on Nigerians’ socioeconomic well-being, we believe the President did the right thing by eliminating the subsidy because the benefits exceed the drawbacks.

“We have noticed that the lengthy lines that were initially present at the gas stations have vanished, making it simpler and more certain for individuals to get petroleum goods because they can now pull into filling stations and fill up without losing valuable time waiting in lines,” he added.


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