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Fuel Hike: Employees Resorts To Spending Week Days At Work, Return Home Weekends



Some employees have been obliged to create strategies of surviving the difficult times as a result of the worsening consequences of the elimination of the petrol subsidy.

In an effort to cut the cost of transport, some employees, according to Objectv Media, have taken to spending the weekdays at work while visiting their family on the weekends.

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According to Stephen Adewale, the chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Ondo State, when describing the challenges that have been endured since the removal of fuel subsidies, he said; “Nigerians are adopting cost-cutting techniques to keep afloat because circumstances are really harsh.

“First, I observed that many people now walk a long distance to work or their places of business in an effort to conserve money.

“You would see that the morning and evening rush hours on the roads are no longer crowded. Many of my friends now choose to leave their cars at home and take commercial transportation, as I have observed.

“For instance, I recently paid N80,000 to fill up my car with fuel when I drove from Ondo to Ilorin. In contrast, my friend who made the same trip from Akure to Ilorin without a car opted for public transit instead, which cost him only N20,000. I’ve noticed that many workers now opt to work during the week and come home on the weekends.

“Companies are adjusting to the new reality, too. For instance, in order to lessen the impact of the fuel price increase on the staff, my office had to reduce the number of days employees would come in to work to three per week.

Ayo Fadaka, a public affairs analyst, said, “Life for Nigerians under President Bola Tinubu’s administration is hell.

“We simply leapt into the fire from the metaphorical frying pan that was Buhari’s reign.

“I think it is foolish to set our pump pricing at the same level as what is available in the US or UK.

“The government’s laughable plan to give N8,000 to each home of 12 million Nigerians is just another scheme to drain our country’s resources.

“Buhari may have committed the same crime and gotten away with it, but this administration’s entrenchment of it will not only be illegal but also provocative.”


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