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Group Urges Tinubu To Reduce Fuel Price On Assumption Of Office



Rere Foundation for Progress and Development Nigeria, a socio-democratic organization, has urged Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, to make lowering fuel prices a top priority once he takes office.

The organization bemoaned the fact that because of the high price of petroleum, products have become more expensive and the lives of the poor Nigerians are becoming untenable.

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Segun Adesanya, the group’s founder, said in a statement on Thursday that lower fuel prices will ease the suffering experienced by Nigerians.

Adesanya urged the President-elect to bring an end to the naira-versus-other-currencies monetary dichotomy, nevertheless.

He emphasized that Tinubu must take quick action to establish and eliminate the bureaucracy and bottlenecks that are purportedly impeding employment possibilities in the nation.

He further said, “The president-elect needs to ensure quality control on most products and services rendered in Nigeria by both private and public companies.

“There are a lot of inferior and substandard products across the country. The Standard Organisation of Nigeria, NAFDAC, etc seem not to be doing much these days and nobody seems to care about it.

He noted that the President-elect needs to look into youths’ intimidation & brutality.

“Remember this was the immediate cause of the end SARS campaign that left a number of souls lost. I urged the President-elect need to do more to reassure the youths that the life and rights of every Nigerian youth matter.

“There should be impartiality before the law, there should be strict obedience to laws, court orders and judgments of courts by both members of the public and government. The principles of equity, fairness and justice should at all times be the order of the day.

“I am confident that if the above are looked into and are carried out consciously, intentionally and religiously, the lost hope in the country by all and sundry will be restored within a short while and the youths will now love and have unwavering belief and interest in our fatherland and of course won’t want to go anywhere, anymore,” he added.


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