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Lagos Govt Condemns RTEAN, TUC Planned Protests



The Lagos State Government has stated that, if carried out, the planned protest by members of the Trade Union Congress, TUC, over the suspension of the operations of the Lagos Chapter of the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria, RTEAN, would constitute a violation of the law.

In light of all the efforts being made to reach a mutually agreeable solution, it characterised the planned protest as an attempt to intimidate and arm-twist the government.

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Gbenga Omotoso, the commissioner for information and strategy, reiterated in a statement on Monday that “there is no need for the protest.”

The statement read, The Lagos State Government has taken note of the Trade Union Congress’ (TUC) plan to demonstrate against the September 2022 decision by the Lagos Chapter of the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) to suspend operations in vehicle parks and garages due to internal conflict.

“In accordance with the recommendations of the 2004 White Paper on Transport Union Matters in the State, the State Government established a 35-man Ad-hoc Caretaker Committee to manage the State’s Parks and Garages under the control of RTEAN until the internal dispute was resolved and to put an immediate stop to the violence in some parts of the State.

“Now, the TUC has scheduled a protest for September 25 to force a return of RTEAN to the parks, following a verdict of the National Industrial Court (NIC).

“Meanwhile, the State Government has filed an appeal against this judgment and has a pending application for stay of execution of the said judgment. 

“Therefore, the protest will be in breach of the Rule of Law, which expects both parties to maintain status quo, pending determination of the application for stay of execution and appeal.

“The planned protest is of no need and meant to arm-twist and intimidate the government, considering all the efforts being made to resolve the matter amicably.

“TUC/RTEAN should embrace dialogue. It is better and safer for our economic and social well-being.”


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