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May 29: Don’t Turn Nigeria Into Banana Republic – Obanikoro Tells Rivals



Sen. Musiliu Obanikoro, a former minister of state for defence, warns against turning the nation into a banana republic by kicking and protesting against Sen. Bola Tinubu’s inauguration on May 29.

The comment was made by Obanikoro, who is also a former ambassador to Ghana, to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Lagos, outside of the 9th Ramadan Lecture of the Anwar-Ul Islam College, Agege Old Students’ Association (ACAOSA).

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NAN reports that the Ramadan Lecture  had in attendance various alumni of the school including Obanikoro; Alhaji Tunde Balogun, former Lagos APC Chairman; civil servants, technocrats; entrepreneurs; legal practitioners and academics.

The lecture was titled, “Islamic Perspective of a Good Governance: Any Lesson for Nigeria?”

Obanikoro said: “They are daydreaming. There is no perfect election anywhere in the world.

“For anyone that is not satisfied, what is next is to go through the judiciary. If you feel aggrieved, go to the court.

“We cannot turn Nigeria into a banana republic.

“Our system is not perfect, it is a work in progress, we have to continue to work at it until we get to a situation that all of us will be comfortable with.”

Describing as sad and unfortunate the calls by some people for Interim National Government, Obanikoro said that those calling for it showed that they did not appreciate democracy, hence not qualified to lead such government.

“It sounds crazy to me,” he added.

Obanikoro stated during the Ramadan Lecture that effective governance is the teaching of God in the Quran and the Bible and that it should be about putting the needs of the people first.

“The idea  is to help the vulnerable among us and create a society where we will be our brother’s keepers.

“That is the essence of  governance, and that is what the religion of Islam or Christianity is preaching almost on a daily basis,” he said.

Obanikoro, who received recognition from ACAOSA for his association-related donations to the school, said it was an honor to give back to the institution that had so generously supported them.

“Giving back comes naturally. I commend the ACAOSA for honouring us and we shall do more.

“Anytime you are recognised by your peers for doing something special, you have to appreciate it because you are not the only one, there are others  too,” he said.


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