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Nationwide Strike: NLC Advises Nigerians To Stock Homes With Food Items, Medicine



The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has advised Nigerians to stock their houses with food, medicine, and other necessities before the start of its seven-day strike in protest of the elimination of gasoline subsidies and the rising cost of life in the nation.

However, the Federal Government will meet with members of organised labour on Monday in an effort to stop the statewide strike that the Nigeria Labour Congress has announced.

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The strike, it was reported, would cripple the nation, drastically restricting travel as commercial transport operators withdrew their services and forcing the closure of markets, schools, and healthcare facilities.

The NLC’s Assistant General Secretary, Chris Onyeka, advised individuals to limit their travel to prevent becoming stranded in a chat with one of our journalists.

The NLC had issued a seven-day deadline to the government and threatened a statewide strike that would start on Wednesday, August 2, 2023. The removal of the subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit, more commonly known as petrol, which led to an extremely high increase in the price of the good at the pump, prompted the labour movement to issue a statement, which was signed by its National President, Joe Ajaero. In the statement, the labour movement accused the Tinubu-led Federal Government of failing to meet the demands it presented to it.

The government team held an emergency meeting with organised labour, which included the NLC and Trade Union Congress, as soon as the NLC announced the strike, and scheduled a follow-up meeting for Friday in the State House.

As a result of the government team’s reported absence, representatives of organised labour, however, stormed out of the conference in a furious manner.

Onyeka noted that the labour team will meet with the administration on Monday, and that the result of the meeting would determine what came next.


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