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Niger Republic: War On Poverty, Hunger, Bandits Enough, Nigeria Has No Business With Fresh War – Pastor Adeboye



Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has stated that Nigeria does not need a new war because it is currently engaged in wars within its borders.

Adeboye made this statement on Friday during the RCCG Holy Ghost Service of the 71st Annual Convention, themed “Beyond Expectations,” held at the Redemption Camp along the Lagos-Ibadan Motorway.

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“We are still engaged in major conflicts against hunger, and we definitely do not want further wars.

Adeboye declared, “We want to win the ones we are fighting and we don’t want fresh ones; whether within or outside of our borders.

He said that he had seen the Nigerian Civil War, which raged between the Nigerian and Biafran sides from July 1967 to January 1970, and said that after what he had seen, he would always prefer peace to war.

“Nigeria still needs a lot of prayers,” Adeboye stated. Even though I’m a little child, I was on the front lines of the Civil violence; I wasn’t a soldier, but I did live close to them, and after what I saw, I would choose peace over violence if someone asked me to.”

The preacher noted that Nigeria was already engaged in numerous wars, including those with terrorists, violent herdsmen, and kidnappers, and that the nation’s only priority should be to prevail in those conflicts already at hand.

According to him, “And we are already fighting many wars in Nigeria. We are fighting wars against kidnappers, we are fighting wars against terrorists. There are still places in Nigeria today that when people go to bed, they are not sure they would not be killed before tomorrow morning.

“We are still fighting wars against some people who feel that if you are a farmer and you plant, then what you have planted is food for their cows and if their cows come to eat your harvest and you complain, they kill you.”


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