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Nollywood Actress Dorothy Njemanze Escapes Kidnap by ‘Bolt Driver’ in FCT



A Nollywood actress and child & women’s rights protection advocate, Dorothy Njemanze on Thursday escaped arrest to whisk her and colleague away in a disguised bolt transportation service vehicle.

Sharing how she courageously escaped the attempt, the actress narrated thus;

“We got into a bolt ride and he refused to ply a route with people, refused to take us back to pick up point and was speeding away with us towards where no one could hear or notice us.

“It was a horror experience that went from zero to one thousand too soon. Those few minutes felt like hours. Opening the door of the speeding vehicle in order to break it ended up saving us.

“Everything about him which didn’t add up now makes so much sense…..That thing about the consequences of ignoring intuitions is real. @boltnigeria we are still badly shaken!”

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