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Only Supreme Court Can End My Feud With Tinubu, Says Atiku



Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP)candidate for president in 2023, has declared that his political dispute with President Bola Tinubu will not be resolved until the outcome of the Supreme Court case brought against the President.

The former Vice President stated this just as the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, lashed out at him for faulting Tinubu’s academic records, in spite of depositions by the Chicago State University, CSU, that Tinubu attended and graduated from the school.

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Following his receipt of President Tinubu’s academic records from the university, Atiku spoke at a World Press Conference in Abuja yesterday while fielding questions from reporters. He also disclosed that he had refused the President’s emissaries entry into his home shortly after the February 25, 2023, presidential election.

He said he was informed that a team led by APC governors was visiting his home at the President’s request to meet with him and, presumably, beg him to concede defeat, but “I did not allow them in.”

He added that, despite his legal challenge to the President’s election victory, he had no concern that any of his commercial interests would be pursued.

When President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office in 2015, Atiku pointed out that he had been stripped of his logistics company, which was the principal enterprise that enjoyed government support.

“As soon as Buhari came, all our logistics contracts business were revoked till today. I’m not afraid of my businesses being affected, I’m not doing any government business. I will only leave this fight when the court rules. We are at the Supreme Court,” he said.

The former Vice President indicated that he set out to resolve the numerous controversies surrounding President Bola Tinubu’s identity and qualifications since they were a part of more significant concerns that would determine the future of legitimate elected government and leadership in our nation.

He pointed out that political leadership and engaged citizenry are important because they are means for us to all work together to create a nation that works for everyone who lives in it.

According to him, “Our country is bigger than any of us, and its standing in the world affects the fate of all who come from or live in it. As leaders, it is our duty to advance the well-being of all our people and of the country.

“For this purpose, my generation worked hard to return the soldiers to the barracks and to defend the right of the people to elect and establish for ourselves a legitimate government.

“Our elections are established and governed by law and founded on the constitution from which leadership and government in Nigeria alone derive their legitimacy.

“The people look up to us as leaders to respect these rules and, where necessary, to defend them. This is what brings us here.

“Today, we are called upon again as a people to uphold and defend the ground rules of elective government in our country. The constitution prescribes the requirements for those who seek the highest elective office in the land.

“It should not take months or, indeed, decades, for the institutions concerned to be able to do their work in establishing the credibility of any certificates presented by candidates for public office.”


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