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Oriyomi Hamzat Shares Humiliating Experience at Hajj



A Nigerian social rights crusader, Oriyomi Hamzat has lamented poor treatment meted to Nigerian pilgrims at the Hajj, sharing his personal experience.

In a live video seen by Objectv Media, the media presenter narrated that Nigerians are particularly discriminated against and treated with indignity.

He exposed that no shuttle arrangements were made for Nigerians and whenever they had to goof themselves in busses provided to other nationals, they were humiliated by the original occupants.

And for the Nigerians who opted to trek to be sleeping on the prayer ground due to stress of trekking forth and back every time, they were always harassed to leave the prayer grounds for their accommodations after prayer time.

Oriyomi also complained about his experience of discrimination at Kaaba. He shared specific moment when police gave preferential treatment to a favored National, who stayed over an hour to pray while others grumbled about the luxury time allowed for him, but when it was his own turn, he was harassed to leave even though he had barely attempted for 5mins.

“We really suffered” he ranted. While blaming poor organization by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) for unavailability of shuttle and poor feeding arrangement for Nigerian pilgrims at the Hajj, Mr. Oriyomi blamed the Hajj authorities for discrimination against blacks, particularly Nigerians.

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