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Oyedepo Reveals Secret Of His Wealth, Says ‘I Change Private Jets Like Bicycles’



Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners Chapel, claimed that God had given him enough favour so that he could afford to purchase a fleet of private planes.

The Bombardier Challenger 604, Grumman Gulfstream I (G-159), Gulfstream IV (G-IV), and Gulfstream V (Gee-5) are among the four private aircraft that Oyedepo, who is regarded as the richest pastor in Nigeria, owns in his fleet.

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In response to a question about how he managed to obtain these jets, the Bishop claimed that it was feasible because God had graciously blessed him.

This was stated by the well-known clergyman in a recent sermon, when he also boasted that thanks to God’s favour, his church is already changing planes like bicycles.

Oyedepo claimed that despite God having told him that he would fly in private aircraft, neither he nor his church ever put any effort into making this a reality.

He asserted, “God told us we would fly; if He had left it up to us to plan, it wouldn’t be in our budget for the next ten years. Because of His bounties, which make us wealthy and add no suffering, we are simply switching planes like we switch bicycles.

“We didn’t pray for the plane to do anything; we didn’t confess, either. They inquired as to the type of plane, and I replied, “Any kind.” I wasn’t shopping for it, therefore I don’t know the names of any.

Regarding the Ark Project, Oyedepo stated that the church had not made any announcements regarding offerings in Canaanland or its branches, adding that tithe payers are not in need and that paying tithes is scriptural.

“The dollar-to-naira exchange rate has fallen steadily, but so have the blessings. There is no pressure on anyone, yet there is no foreign exchange input for the Ark Project from outside of Nigeria.

“John D. Rockefeller started off as a tither and became the first billionaire in American history. What people contribute is not in short supply; only what they keep is.

“He was tithe raised, tithe groomed, and tithe sustained,” the Bishop added.

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