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Peter Obi Refutes Reno Omokri’s Allegation Of Monetarily Induced Rufai Oseni



The Labour Party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has denied instigating Rufai Oseni, an Arise Television journalist, with money.

Former Goodluck Jonathan aide Reno Omokri claimed that Obi contributed money to pay for Oseni’s father’s funeral.

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Obi responded to the claim by calling it wicked blackmail directed at “the brave journalist who has been doing his job professionally.”

He said that Oseni has consistently fought for what is right and has occasionally confronted him bravely.

According to Obi, “Ordinarily, I do not get involved in name-calling and mud-slinging, neither do I attack people nor try to defame their personalities, in the course of my political journey.

“I have also avoided replying to cheap, wicked, or malicious blackmails publicly or openly in the same irresponsible manner they are thrown at me.

“Anyone who has followed my corporate and political life knows that I always stay on issues, with my focus on finding solutions to societal challenges and ameliorating people’s suffering.

“Let me state clearly that this is a categorical lie from the pit of hell. Everyone who understands my life will attest to the fact that I do not give anyone money to promote my name.

“I have never monetarily induced any journalist to speak or write in my favour.”

Obi asserted that witnesses can speak to the fact that he consistently complies with invitations to formal gatherings like weddings and funerals.

He continued by saying that he had never visited Oseni’s hamlet and did not know the journalist’s origins.


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