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Photo: Moment UNILAG Student Seen Begging Alms For N225,000 Fees In Gbagada



A University of Lagos student named Oluwakemi has been seen pleading for money in the Ifako-Gbagada neighbourhood of Lagos State in order to pay her tuition.

She had a sign that read, “Please help a final year student with her school fees, God bless you” as she stood at the roundabout.

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Oluwakemi, a part-time student at the University of Lagos, claimed she has been making efforts to raise her fees.

She further revealed that since the announcement of the increase, it has been difficult for her to pay N225,000 school fees because she lives with her grandmother in the Agege region of the state.

She stated that several guys offered to have sex in exchange for payment, but she was unable to accept them because she was unsure of how many men she would need to have sex with in order to earn N225,000.

The best course of action, according to Kemi, is to ask for charity from sincere Nigerians who will sympathise with and support her because she does not want to indulge in prostitution.

Objectv Media reported that some students of the University of Lagos, on Wednesday, September 13th, 2023, took to the streets to express their dissatisfaction with the raised tuition fees announced by the school management.

In July, the UNILAG authorities announced a rise in tuition fees for both new and returning undergraduate students, citing the current economic conditions as the reason behind the decision.

The management of the University of Lagos on Friday, September 15th, announced the reduction of its fees after meeting the representatives of the National Association of Nigerian Students accompanied by top officers of the Association and UNILAG Faculty leaders drawn from nine faculties of the University and College of Medicine.”

Meanwhile, on Thursday, September 21st, the Students’ Solidarity Group reject the newly reverse school fees urging the management to comply with the practical terms.

The student group alleged that the school management failed to comply with the practical terms.

According to one of them, “The UNILAG Management has started issuing refund forms to students that were forced by different circumstances to pay the hiked fees.

“While the move is welcomed, I just want to remind them that 20k here, 5k there, 3k somewhere-kind of reduction is not what we are fighting for. They should be ready to refund more, because these fees must be reverted to status quo ante.

“I thought you all said no one can challenge Authorities and win. That’s by the side though, because we are not done.

“350k went back to 25k in LASU, 2013. It’s about to repeat itself in UNILAG. The students will rise and defend their interests.

“Sadly, the people don’t know the power they have.”


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