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Police Attack, Cripple Man’s Business After Creditor Employed Their Service As Debt Recovery Agents



Operatives of the Nigeria Police Force have arrested staff of Mr Lawal Kazeem Bolanle, whose main work is haulage business.

The police was also alleged to have detained the trucks of the businessman conveying relief packages from Lagos to Kano, after they were recruited by a creditor to help arrest, cripple the business of Kazeem Bolanle who is yet to pay him on terms.

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The alarm was raise by the lawyer of the affected businessman at a press briefing today, where he revealed that police invited Lawal by WhatsApp message to come to Alagbon, but without the reason of the invitation.

However, the police resorted to arresting the staff of Lawal, and then went on to ambush his  haulage trucks in a bid to get his attention and possibly arrests him.

According to the lawyer, the businessman only knew the reason police were after him, when a staff was arrested and their principal was demanded as ransom for their release.

The statement read; “On Thursday a worker of Salisu Mohammed was arrested and detained for 24 hours by the Police at Alagbon. The police told him to take them to where his employer our client was, that he was owning 300 million naira. Mohammed would not help the police in their illegal venture.

“On Friday, a caravan of four trucks conveying I.D.P relief materials to Sokoto and Katsina bothering repetitively to our client to stopped at 4:00am by the police at Ijebu Ode, Ogun state.

“The vehicle and goods were impounded with the police again demanding for our client.

“When the contractors of the perishable items, one Alhaji Wasiu showed up to rescue his goods and save his contract, the police demanded for the owner of the truck, our client Lawal Kazeem.

“Alhaji Wasiu was only allowed to take away the goods away after decoupling of the trucks. The heads were detained by the police while Wasiu had to look for new heads to fix the trucks and moved away but even on the condition that the empty trucks are returned to the police.”


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