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Protesters Demand Afenifere Restructuring, Adebanjo’s Removal



The acting leader of the Pan-Yoruba socio-cultural organization Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has been urged to resign by a group operating under the auspices of Concerned Oodua Defendants.

Mr. Lai Gboluaje, its South-West Coordinator, made the announcement while organizing a demonstration in Ibadan against the continuation of Adebanjo as the head of Afenifere.

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It will be recalled that some Yoruba youths, under the aegis of Afenifere Youth Organisation of Nigeria, AYON, on Tuesday, called for the restructuring of Afenifere.

They also passed a vote of no confidence on the leader of the group.

However, the Southwest Coordinator of Concerned Oodua Descendant, Mr. Lai Gboluaje, stated that the call is essential for the survival of Yoruba heritage and added that whoever leads Afenifere must be in favor of everything Yoruba people stand for.

Gboluaje said: “We watch with dismay, disappointment and sadness how the noble ideal of Afenifere founding fathers has been bastardised in the last year. We can no longer fold our arms and watch our noble heritage go into the mud; if we do, the likes of Pa Awolowo, Pa Ajasin, Pa Adesanya, and Pa Ige will not forgive us.

“Chief Adebanjo has subverted the principle of Afenifere. He has proven to be incapable of leading Afenifere or any other Yoruba interest.”

When contacted, Afenifere leader, Pa Adebanjo alleged that those sponsoring the protest against him are out to divide the Yoruba group.

He also vowed not to engage those calling for his removal in any form of controversy.

Adebanjo, said: “For those asking me to step down, I don’t know their fathers. I don’t know them; I should probably know their fathers but I will not reduce myself to their level. All those protesting are sponsored, they have been given money. 

“I will not engage in any form of controversy with anyone and that is why I told our members not to engage in controversy with anyone of them. Those sponsoring them want to divide Afenifere. Those protesting are too small for me to engage them in any form of political controversy in this country.”

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