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Road Safety Officials’ New Extortion Style



Road safety officials now extort better on Saturdays along isolated roads.

A driver who shared experience Saturday 21st January, 2022 said he was driving along the Ikosi-Agbowa road in Ikorodu when some FRSC officers stopped him.

After checking his documents and drivers license and all intact, the Road Saftey officers said his Pickup SUV ought to have a reflective caution sticker at the back and unknown to him, the number plate attached to his vehicle at the back was already missing.

They billed him N5,000 for each offense, totaling N10,0000.


The asked him to go and pay N10,000 at a bank, which is not available anywhere near 5kilometers from the isolated place he was stopped.

Secondly, it is a Saturday and would have to wait till Monday to pay at the Bank before coming back to retrieve his documents from the officers.


The officers said they could help him pay it but he would have to add N500, everything coming to N10,500.

He was asked to take cash at a POS near the spot and pay.

They however declined to release the ticket to him. The driver asked if he could snap the receipt but the receipt as evidence that he incurred the cost in his trip but the officers refused that he could even snap the receipt.

“Before I left the spot, they were already issuing the same receipt I paid money for, to another vehicle behind me”, he added.

He managed to capture their plate number and the scene, while giving names of the officers as one A.R. Fortune; Hassan; Abubakar three of whom were led by a Biggy bodied officer.


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