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Side-Chicks Give Men Peace of Mind, Says Nedu



A renowned on-air personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, often known as Nedu, asserts that side chicks bring married men tranquility.

The comedian made this known on the latest episode of The Honest Bunch podcast co-hosted by him.

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He claimed that most men put up with their nagging wives because of the peace of mind their side-chicks give them.

He said, “God bless every side-chick out there. Side-chicks dey give peace to men. Sometimes, before the man reach house, he go branch the side-chick’s place, he go cool off.

“So, when he reach house wey the woman [wife] dey shout, ‘Papa Nkechi, Where did you go?’. Because of say him don cool off for his side-chick’s place, he will take it.”

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