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State Of The Nation: Oluwo Urges Nigerians To Exercise More Patience, Says ‘Tinubu Is Godsent’



HIM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, the Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, has urged Nigerians to have more patience with the administration of President Ahmed Tinubu and have faith in his ability to bring about the benefits of democracy.

Oluwo acknowledged the severity of the global economic crisis and predicted that President Tinubu’s methodical approach will succeed if Nigerians provide him with the required encouragement and support.

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He bemoaned the enormous harm that the majority of previous leaders had inflicted upon Nigeria and emphasised the necessity of working together to build a new, strong foundation for the country. 

The monarch revealed these in a statement sent by Alli Ibraheem, his press secretary, who also stated that the president is sent by God to save the Nigerian economy.

He called on the labour unions, stakeholders and opinion leaders to prioritise the interest of Nigeria by giving a voice of hope hinged on promising tomorrow for surviving and aspiring generations.“

Oluwo said, “As a responsible father to the nation,  as I’m feeling the heat of the economic hardship, I’m equally breathing the air of hope that Nigeria, my adorable country, will be great and be greater. Our story will change. 

“The derogatory perception about our image will turn positive to the envy of many. I have the hope that President Ahmed Tinubu will improve the tempo of our credit and credibility. He is Godsent and messiah to us.

“I’m seeking the support of all and sundry mostly especially the labour unions, stakeholders and opinion leaders to encourage President Tinubu ‘s administration by staying away from activities capable of disrupting the economy the leaders are trying to build. He will lay a template for successive administrations. He has demonstrated competency being the first Nigerian president to dare the reality of fuel subsidy.

“I engaged in a chat with some elites last week and likened the Nigeria situation with a patient who went for medical treatment. When he got to the hospital, the doctor recommended he should be given an injection. 

“Instead of resigning to the injection, he ran away with his ailment. Should we accept that? The answer is no. President Tinubu has brought the injection to our ailment. I call on loyal and patriotic Nigerians to endure the pain of the injection for us to be relieved. I’m also feeling the pain. We will survive to enjoy its pleasure. We have pledged to be faithful, loyal and honest, this is a test time.

“Those pledges contained in our national oaths should be respected. A national fast should be declared in solidarity with our dear nation just the same way a national strike was honoured.”


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