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State Of The Nation: We Must Unite In Prayers For Nigeria – Pastor



General Overseer of GreatHouse Altar of Fire Ministry and leader of Global Church, Pastor Chris Isaac, has urged Nigerians to join together in prayer for their country.

The pastor, who made this statement on Monday in Abuja, adding that it was now time for Nigerians, especially Christians, to come together in prayer for both Nigeria and their own needs.

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He said following that, his ministry was organising a 12-hour nonstop prayers.

“We are Nigerians and anything that affects Nigeria affects us.

“There are lots of threats besieging our land and we know the power of prayers can change things as we embark on 12 hours of nonstop prayers.

“It is the 15th edition with the theme ‘The End of an Affliction’.

“Basically, it is reawakening the spirit man of all christians to pray against personal afflictions and for a better Nigeria.

“It is going to hold on May 6 from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. at No. 2, Makinde Street, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State,” he said.

He added that Pastor Joy Uguru and Global Church pastors will participate in the prayers, which would be led by his wife, Pastor Chibuzor Isaac.

Pastor Isaac claimed that when he was a teenager, God revealed the decision of 12 hours to him.

He said, “God said if you can pray for 12 hours nonstop I will use you to do remarkable things.

“One may ask, must you pray for 12 hours? 12 hours is a number of authority, covenant, power, order, and thrones.

“The nation of Israel is built on 12 and Jesus had 12 disciples.

“In the book of revelation, there are 12 gates in heaven and a tree bears 12 fruits and its leaves is for the healing of nations.

“Also, Jesus in his days, prayed all through the night,12hrs.”

The pastor further said, “12 hours rule the day and also night.

“That means 12 is number of order and anyone that prays for 12hrs changes an order and sets a sequence.”

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