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We’re Taking Our Protest Against APC Through Our Votes In Guber, State Assembly Polls – Obidients



The Obidients announced on Tuesday that they would participate in a form of protest against the All Progressives Congress (APC), by casting their votes in the March 11 elections for governor and state houses of assembly, lamenting that the APC has plunged Nigeria into darkness.

Dr. Emeka Mandela, chairman of the Labour Party’s Special Duty Committee and a former presidential candidate for the National Rescue Movement (NRM), said this during a press conference.

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He denied that the Obidients family had endorsed Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, the APC’s candidate for governor of Delta State, saying that “it is being rumored that the Obidients have endorsed and are supporting the APC for the March 11th gubernatorial election.

“Please, Deltans and all supporters of the Labour Party and the Obidients struggle, this is false news. We have come here to debunk such rumours saying that the Obidients family are supporting the APC for the next election coming up on Saturday.

“Let it be on record that the APC had plunged Nigeria into darkness; let it be on record that the APC has put sorrow over the land and the youths of Nigeria are still mourning. We are sad and we are using Saturday as an expression of the demonstration you should have been seeing on the streets by now.

“We decided to shield our swords from the demonstration you should have been seeing happening around the nation. We will take that demonstration to the polls on Saturday against APC. We are taking the demonstration to the polls around Nigeria, Delta State inclusive; the Obedients family is going to be having a demonstration at the polls on Saturday against APC. 

“We are going to come out en masse and give protest votes against APC.  Delta State Obidients family, this struggle for a new Nigeria will never die. The common enemy we have is the APC and we will stop at nothing to get them all out of power so that at least, we can breathe fresh air.”

On the endorsement of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, Emeka said; “periods like this, you will have all sorts of groups, claiming to be whatever they want. We the Obidients don’t have such alliances, it is totally false. Any Obidient that goes to that direction is on his own, automatically, he is not with us.

“You know our antecedents, you know the way we move, we move as Obidients, we follow due process, we don’t just go in different sections with different banners. We are a group and we make decisions. Like we are here today, we decided to come here and give our words to Deltans because of what we see in the media. We are here to disassociate the Obidients family from the APC.

“For the Obidients family, we all know how we communicate to you, our communication is organic; the same way we have been communicating is the same way you will be communicated. Information we get to all of you; we are organic, our information is organic, stand strong.

“When the real Obidients are talking, you will know, we are not here to joke, we are here to say that we don’t have any pact with the APC. That’s the message we are passing and I think it is very loud and clear. The Obidients family are not without faces, we are known. We go for verifiable characters”.


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