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Why Dogo’s Autopsy Report Delaying, Nearly Three Months after Incident



Nearly two months since autopsy was conducted on Late Amos Johnson (a.k.a. Dogo) at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), a report is yet to be given.

Dogo reportedly died while clearing a soak away belonging to a celestial church in Ajah area of Lagos State. He was said to have drowned in the process of clearing the soak away while a night service was ongoing in the church.

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The Church building was consequently attacked by an angry mob over suspicion that Dogo’s death may not from a natural cause.

Stirring controversy, a coroner’s order was issued to conduct an autopsy in order to determine the cause of death.

But it’s been over six weeks without an autopsy report.

Objectv Media visited LASUTH to inquire about the reason for the delayed report. First, our correspondent learned that most of the resident doctors have left the country and the jobs, leaving the hospital with a shortage of staff.

Secondly, and most affecting, the only histo scientist who could handle the histology has also left the country over the prevalent ‘Japa’ syndrome wherein professionals are leaving Nigeria in droves.

Although the autopsy of Dogo was already done and a scalp injury was found, histology is still required for the scalp injury that was discovered. However, there’s no histo-scientist available as many hospital staff have fled the country and left the jobs to seek greener pastures abroad. 

Asides Dogo’s autopsy, there are several others as well as patients affected by the exodus of doctors and professionals from Nigeria in search of greener pastures.

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