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Why Hilda Baci Was Denied 100Hour Official Record Time in The Guinness Cooking Marathon World Record | Objectv Media



The Guinness World Record (GWR) has finally confirmed Hilda Baci’s cook-a-thon attempt as the longest attempt at cooking.

The organization however reduced her hours to 93hours and 11minutes instead of the 100Hours she attempted to break the records for.

Stating the rules, the GWR said there are strict rules that must be followed throughout. These include that there must be two items being prepared or cooked at any time; the number, weight and list of the cooked items must also be submitted with evidence; and finally that a 5minutes hourly rest is necessary, noting that the exercise is considered a tedious one.

The Record said Hilda inadvertently skipped the third rule, causing a miscalculation in the hours she cooked for. The 5 minutes per hour deducted for rest by the Record’s rules therefore reduced her official hours to 93hours and 11minutes.

Yet, Hilda still emerged with the longest cooking hours by an individual to beat the last record holder in that category who had 87hours and 45minutes.

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