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Wike Tried To Lobby For Atiku’s Running Mate, Called Me 19 Times In 2 Hours – Melaye Reveals



Senator Dino Melaye responded to Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State by claiming that Wike had lobbied to be Atiku Abubakar’s running mate for the PDP’s presidential nomination.

Melaye also warned Wike that “Kogi is not Rivers and the people of Kogi State would not worship any foreign God” when Wike had recovered from his intoxication.

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Speaking in an interview with Arise TV yesterday, and a post on his Facebook page, Melaye claimed Wike called him 19 times in two hours, lobbying to become Atiku’s running mate.

Recall that on Tuesday, Wike said Melaye, who is vying for PDP’s governorship ticket in Kogi, does not have what it takes to be governor.

However, in his reaction Melaye said it was surprising that Wike has suddenly become the self-appointed public office regulator, who could determine what would happen in states.

Melaye said: “Nigerians should not be fooled. That integrity and equity that he (Wike) is always clamouring, he does not possess one per cent of it.

“He will tell you he wants a southern presidency, that is why he is fighting but that is a bogus lie.

“Wike wanted to be vice-presidential candidate to Atiku. He called me 19 times in two hours when Atiku was going to mention his vice-presidential candidate, lobbying me with everything possible to influence Atiku to announce him as his running mate. I have witnesses.”

Melaye added that Wike’s opposition against him was because he refused to support his “myopic” presidential ambition.

He said: “Wike was my biggest supporter, he was my biggest fan to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“He did not just support my primaries, he provided his private jet to drop me in Kogi on the day of the primary election and called me repeatedly thereafter.

“That means Wike saw something in me in 2019 for supporting me. He knew I was a gubernatorial material and fit to be governor, hence his investment and support as the case may be.

“So, what now happened between 2019 and 2023 that he is now saying I am not fit to be a governor; somebody you supported materially and otherwise?

“But suddenly because I am not a bootlicker, and the fact that I refused to participate in your very myopic and intellectually stagnant presidential ambition, you now see me as someone that is not fit and start using foul languages on my person.

“Above all, Wike should also understand that power belongs to God, and He gives it to whoever He wants, even the basest of men.

“Today, Wike can take a swipe at me and mark me down as unqualified to govern my state, but has he forgotten that he believed my gubernatorial aspiration in 2019?

“Can he be reminded that I have served as a member of the House of Representatives and have also been elected twice into the Senate?”

Melaye said Wike was against his governorship ambition because he backed PDP flag bearer, Atiku Abubakar, against the governor’s interest in the G5.

“He (Wike) needs to appreciate that now that he has touched the tiger’s tail and murdered sleep, the discomfort of a bird perched on a rope has now become his portion.

“Wike, stay on your lane. I am Daniel Dino Melaye. My speciality is to tame lions, whether they be white or black, dwelling in rocks or floating on Rivers.”


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