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World Teachers’ Day: My Administration Will Invest More In Education, Says Tinubu



President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has praised Nigerian teachers across the board, saying his administration will invest more on education.

During the 2023 World Teachers’ Day celebration held in Eagle Square, Abuja, the President made the pledge on Thursday.

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Tinubu expressed regret over the numerous challenges encountered by Nigerian teachers, including crammed classrooms, scarce resources, and insufficient chances for professional development. He claimed that these difficulties are the result of ongoing disregard for the prestigious teaching profession.

Vice President Kashim Shettima, who was Tinubu’s representative at the ceremony, emphasised the importance of funding education, empowering teachers, and providing every child with the resources they need to realise their potential.

Shettima gave the President’s keynote speech, “Teacher Appreciation: Nurturing Minds, Changing Lives,” in which she emphasised the government’s dedication to enacting educational reforms that encourage the emergence and sustainability of a system that acknowledges education as the driving force behind ground-breaking ideas and discoveries.

He reaffirmed that his administration will see to it that teachers received their just compensation on this planet.

“With well-taught workforces, we are not only going to build a nation that thinks but one that lives in an interconnected world, a world where the exchange of knowledge and ideas knows no boundaries. Without motivated teachers, we can’t build a nation that fosters such international cooperation, builds bridges of understanding, and addresses global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and healthcare. So, education, to us, and I believe to you too, is not just a means to individual success; it is a path to global harmony and sustainable development.

“Of course, our dear teachers, we are not just going to focus solely on technological advancements. The human aspect of education is just as critical as the infrastructure. Our teachers deserve to be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. It is my promise that we will work tirelessly to build a society where the teacher’s reward begins to manifest here on earth,” Tinubu said.

President Tinubu, who noted that every educated person is a product of their instructors, thanked Nigeria’s teachers and assured them that their line of work is a priority in the country’s development strategy.

According to him, “So, this day is more of a thanksgiving to honour those who have nurtured us, those who have guided us toward the hills upon which we stand today.

“I believe that there’s no vehicle that can transport you to your destination as safely as education. It is the reason every child, regardless of their background, awaits a future of vast possibilities. It is the reason the child of a disadvantaged family in a remote village clings to the same future as children from privileged homes with certainty.

“Education is the miracle that changes the fortune of a family in a single generation. Thanks to you, our dear teachers, we have broken down barriers and created a society where merit, talent, and hard work supersede the circumstances of one’s birth.

“So, by investing in education, by empowering our teachers, and by providing every child with the tools to reach their dream destination, we have safeguarded the future of this nation.”


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